My new tattoo guys! I love it soooo much! (Yes I realize some of the lines are messy, I don’t do well with pain, I think she did an amazing job with how much I was actually moving. That being said if you don’t like it don’t comment, it’s my tattoo not yours, I love it so unless it’s nice please keep your opinions to yourself)


So this happened. Love my dalek!


I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.


My new Doctor Who tattoo done today! Eek! I love it!


It’s been a while, but hi! I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed Tumblr a lot. Work is crazy, the boyfriend is perfect, and I finally got my tattoo! You guys know how much I love Doctor Who so I finally started on my sleeve. Cannot wait to add more! I’m going to try and start posting again. I love you guys. See you soon! :)


other pictures here


Hello Sweetie


Doctor Who’s “Bad Wolf” brush-style by Ana Valdivia, a young but awesome artist, in Barcelona, Spain.

my seal of rassilon tattoo XD

 photo 35408aa_zpsfe5f69bd.png